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Online Aviation Groundschool Lectures

Thorpe Aviation Services offers ICAO Commercial Pilot's Licence ground school in compliance with CATS part 61.01.10

Real-time interactive lectures are conducted via Skype with Capt. Paul Kirby.

Thorpe Aviation Commercial Pilot's Licence e-textbooks are included.

About Your Lecturer

Paul Thorpe Kirby

B.Sc. Mathematics, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Mechanical EngineeringAirline Transport Pilot's LicenceGrade II Multi-engine Instructor

Mechanical Design EngineerManagement ConsultantHigh School Mathematics TeacherGround School LecturerCommercial PilotContract PilotBeechcraft 1900 Captaincy4000 HoursChief Ground Instructor Morning Star Flight Academy


"It's been so amazing having Paul as a ground school lecturer. He has so much knowledge of aviation and he's been greatly assisting me with understanding the aspects and modules involved in ground school. Paul is always happy to assist with answering all my questions and brings real life scenarios into the answers which makes it much easier to understand. I will definitely be continuing my ground school via Paul and recommend him for any student pilot who aspires to get their pilot license."
~ Petrus Hanekom

“In 2005 I was lucky enough to be awarded a flying scholarship at 43 Air School in Port Alfred, South Africa. Paul Kirby was my ground school tutor during my stay and he was also my stand-by flying instructor. Having done engineering at college before a career in engineering, ground school wasn’t a big concern to me, but I have to say it was made much smoother by Paul, who in my opinion is simply the most proficient lecturer I have ever experienced. He is gifted in the way he explains topics very clearly and in a manner that keeps all his students attentive and interested.”
~ Ian Bennet

“I highly recommend Paul’s ground school. I found my time under his instruction to be both informative and entertaining.He is patient and more than willing to sit and revisit a problem or concept for as long as it takes for you to grasp it. I appreciated that he teaches with an emphasis on first principles – spending time to explain why things are the way they are. This greatly helped me to understand the material in a way that saved having to learn it off by heart.Paul has a way of communicating complex subject matter with a simplicity that greatly reduced the sense of overwhelm I felt when faced with all the commercial license theory.His instruction comes complete with plenty of good stories, flying anecdotes, practical rules of thumb and useful aviation wisdom from his years of experience in the industry.”
~ Drew Gage

"I very much enjoyed the lectures, Paul had made PowerPoints for each lecture which made it super easy to understand what was going on in each topic and it helped me out a lot, I don’t think I would have been able to understand the work as well as I do now without going to the lectures."
~ Shaheen Kahn

Subjects & Rates

Subjects offered:

Aircraft Technical & General Part 1: Principles of FlightAircraft Technical & General Part 2: Aircraft General KnowledgeInstruments & ElectronicsRadio Aids & CommunicationMeteorologyHuman PerformanceFlight Planning & PerformanceNavigation Part 1: TheoryNavigation Part 2: PlottingInstrument Rating (Operating Procedures)
Lectures are conducted online via Skype.

Skype ID: paultkirby

Lecture times:

09:00 - 13:00
18:00 - 22:00

Monday to Friday

Please get in touch for the course schedule and next course commencement dates.


10 subject courses are offered.

Cost per subject course:

R 3000

Includes the relevant Thorpe Aviation Commercial Pilot's Licence e-textbook.

Courses may be purchased ad hoc or the complete course offering may be purchased upfront in advance, all subjects and e-textbooks included, qualifying you for a 15% discount:

R 25 500 (instead of R 30 000)

Banking details:

Account number: 1203939655
Branch code: 198765

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Contact & Details

Capt. Paul Kirby

Mobile: +2782 802 9745

Contact me directly using the details above or leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

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